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We work with you to get clarity on where you are going, keep you focused on getting there and support you in taking action to make it happen.

Strategic Focus ProgramTM

The Strategic Focus Program™ works one-on-one with owners of established small business to help them develop, implement and manage  a customized growth plan designed to meet the specific needs and goals of their business.


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What’s stopping your business?

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The Business Builders Group ProgramTM

A Facilitated Group Program Designed Specifically for Solepreneurs

Our exclusive 2016 Group Program begins on Monday, September 12th. Registration is limited to no more than 8 participants.

The group consists of up to eight like-minded Business Owners and together you work through The Business Builders Group ProgramTM to create your own unique strategic plan and learn the skills you need to implement that plan.

Each group meets for a full-day working session once a month for a year. During that time the facilitated process supports the participants through the journey of growing and building their businesses.

Each session includes: