Published: March 26th, 2019; By: Judi Hughes

It happens to all of us from time-to-time.  We lose our sense of vigor, energy and confidence.

If you feel as though you’ve lost your mojo, try one or more of these tried and true methods to bring back your mojo.


  1. Set realistic boundaries: Being your own boss often means working longer and stranger hours than those with regular paycheques. We all know it’s truly not healthy and probably not necessary to work every weekend and every night. Set some boundaries for yourself and go the extra step of telling others what they are so they can help you honour them. For example, instead of working through the night, set a “hard-stop” of 6 PM to get the most important work done and then stop! Leave all emails until the following morning.  Make working weekends and exception rather than the rule.  You don’t want to become resentful about your business. Make 2 minutes right now to listen to “Leisure Time”.


  1. Get a business buddy: You know what your goals are, there are lots of ways to share them with someone who will support you in making sure you meet your commitments. Here’s an article on Business Accountability Teams. Get a “business buddy” for a regular 10-minute “stand-up” call every day or a weekly 30-minute check-in. This external person can help you stay motivated and focused.


  1. Remember your dream: Give yourself the gift of a lunch on a patio or a walk in the park and remind yourself of why you started your business. Reflect on the Vision you set for yourself and your business when you started. Is it still relevant?  Perhaps parts of that Vision need to be tweaked.  Acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments to date.  Take the time to re-align yourself with your purpose and re-set your focus.  Read about Ed Mirvish – a man with a Vision.


  1. Set yourself some small wins: Break your goals into smaller more manageable pieces. Several years ago, two researchers worked with children ages 7 to 10. Half the kids were told to set a goal of completing six pages of math problems per session, while the other half were told to set a goal of completing 42 pages of math problems over seven sessions. The findings showed that those who had smaller sub-goals completed their work faster and more accurately than those who were given one large goal.  Try it!  See if it works for you.


  1. Walk and talk: Making major decisions by yourself every day can be a daunting task. Do you have someone you trust who you can go for a walk-and-talk with?  Someone who will simply listen with compassion and let you talk it through?  There is something meditative and rewarding about walking it out.  When you are walking there is a sense of going forward.  The combination of walking and talking is powerful.


  1. Enjoy your victories: Treat yourself as you would a friend or a client. Compliment yourself and tell yourself how good you are. Write down 5 things you are proud of every day. I have a “brag book” and any time I receive a complimentary e-mail or thank you card, I print it and put it into the binder I call my brag book. Whenever I am lacking confidence or questioning what I am doing, I peruse that book and lift my spirits.  It works every time.


What keeps you going? What do you do when your Mojo is a no-go? Please share how you bounce back.  We would love to hear from you.


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