Nick Hughes
Nick HughesPartner

Nick Hughes has guided the growth of Your Planning Partners Ltd since 1994. With a team of consultants and coaches, Nick advises and supports his client base of established business owners as they deal with the daily challenges of running and growing their companies.

Nick has steered the buying, building, growing and selling of three successful small businesses that have included IT consulting, manufacturing, and retail. He is passionate about bringing this experience to small business consulting through Your Planning Partners. His big picture thinking and business wisdom guide clients toward focusing on the achievement of their business goals. Clients appreciate his practical approach to minimizing business risk while maximizing growth opportunity.

Nick’s concrete business skills are integral to the creation of various planning tools including Your Planning Partners proprietary processes the Strategic Focus ProgramTM and the Business Builders ProgramTM.

Nick is a keynote speaker for industry and professional groups and a published author on a broad range of small business topics.


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Judi Hughes
Judi HughesPartner

Judi Hughes is the co-founder of Your Planning Partners Ltd. She and Nick have worked together building successful businesses since 1979.

Judi jokes, “I’ve been in sales and marketing my whole life. My first sales call was with my dad when I was 5 years old. I learned from that first experience that you build your business by building relationships. The only difference today is we have more and better tools and greater opportunity”.

Judi has applied her strong marketing and sales skills to her work with hundreds of small business clients. She has been instrumental in helping her clients set a clear destination, develop strategic action plans and focus on implementing those plans.

The success of her business ventures is due to her overall passion for small business, her unrelenting commitment to the power that comes from having complete clarity about where you are going and then the positive force created by setting strategic focus.

Judi has written numerous articles, been a key-note speaker, taught a wide range of hands-on workshops and led numerous seminars all directed at bringing small business owners the tools and knowledge they need to create an exceptional business.

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Rebekah Lawrence
Rebekah LawrenceAdmin Coordinator

Rebekah joined Your Planning Partners Ltd in 2014. She is the back bone of all things administrative. She keeps our “back stage”running smoothly and provides the administrative foundation on which Your Planning Partners functions. She looks after everything behind the scenes including client support for the Strategic Focus ProgramTM.

When you call Your Planning Partners, it is Rebekah who will answer your questions and follow through on your requests. It is Rebekah who keeps us organized!


Kim McNeill
Kim McNeillAssociate Coach

Kim McNeill has an established track record in helping people start and then grow their businesses. She draws on her own experience as a small business owner and her training as a coach to provide practical guidance to Your Planning Partners small business owner clients.

Kim works with Your Planning Partners proprietary processes and tools to support people in converting their vision into a reality. She starts by working with clients to recognize their individual barriers to success, relates that to the goals they have set and helps them learn to face and overcome the challenges of making change.

Kim has participated in Your Planning Partners Business Builders ProgramTM and she has supported a number of our clients in getting out of their own way so they can achieve the success they want for their business.