Keynotes and Workshops

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your next business event?

We are always excited about the opportunity to share our knowledge and wisdom through “been there, done that” stories collected from over 25 years of experience as successful small business owners.

Our goal with every presentation is to inform and inspire business owners to take action toward implementing positive change for growth.

We deliver interactive presentations, workshops and webcasts to groups of 10 or more business owners always ensuring the audience takes away something they can immediately implement to improve their business.

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Every presentation is completely customized and designed to meet your objectives.

Nick and Judi Hughes speak to audiences individually and together; depending on the audience, the topic and the event. Learn about the wealth of expertise Nick and Judi Hughes can bring to your group.

We would be happy to talk about how we could best help you and what would bring the greatest value to your business owner community. Please be in touch with or call 416 429-2415 for more information.

Some of our most popular topics are:

7 Steps to Build a Strong and Sustainable Business

Many business owners plan to grow. Very few plan that growth.

Take away tools and learn how to:

  • Create your focus on your specific business growth
  • Identify what is “really”critical for your business growth
  • Implement some models to ensure there are always important growth activities happening

Are Your Good Ideas Getting In Your Way? Get Off the Fragmented Focus TreadmillTM

The single greatest hurdle for small business owners is their next great idea. Small business owners notoriously have too many great ideas and not enough time to implement them. All those good ideas cause them to be on The Fragmented Focus TreadmillTM, the place with a multitude of great ideas that fragment their energy and resources and bring disjointed and inconsistent results. Learn how to harness those great ideas and stay laser focused on the initiatives that will bring the greatest results.

Are you finding it difficult to stay focused? Do you think you might be on The Fragmented Focus TreadmillTM?
Read this article to find out and to take steps to get off
The Fragmented Focus TreadmillTM.

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Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

Business owners spend way too much of their time and money on initiatives to bring in new prospects and new clients. The fact is, you probably have all the business opportunity you need right in your own backyard. Learn the value of the Diamonds in Your Backyard and then set strategies and actions to help you build your business by building relationships. Leave this session with a clear understanding of who your diamonds are and how you are going to bring them value.Dig down deep and you will find lots of business opportunities right in your own back yard. Read this article to learn more.

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From the Board Room to the Bedroom … Living with Your Business Partner

Owning your own business is exciting; owning the business in partnership with your “significant other”can be a fulfilling and profitable experience or it can be totally stressful and unfulfilling. This presentation uses funny stories, offers practical advice and provides useful tools to help co-preneurs run a successful business as a couple while maintaining a happy and balanced personal life.

Read this article for couples who live and work together.

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Some Past Audiences:

  • 360 Degrees of Inspiration
  • Alliance of Independent Practitioners
  • Association of Independent Business Communicators ‘ Toronto Chapter
  • Association of Independent Consultants
  • Canadian Association of Women Executives & Entrepreneurs
  • Canadian Small Business Women
  • Circle of Influence  Mississauga Chapter
  • Company of Women  Annual Conference
  • Company of Women  Toronto Chapter
  • Constant Contact  Finding the Formula – Small Business Conference
  • Junior Chamber of Commerce  National Conference
  • Professional Organizers of Canada  National Conference
  • Professional Organizers of Canada  Toronto Chapter
  • Rosti Group – Tenants Event
  • Women Entrepreneurs Building Businesses
  • Women In A Home Office  Webcast
  • Women In A Home Office  Toronto Chapter

Let’s talk about how your group can benefit from one of our interactive presentations.

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