Business Builders Group Program™

The Business Builders Group Program is designed specifically for Solopreneurs who love the group dynamic and who want to learn the skills they need to build their business.
Up to eight like-minded small business owners work together for 12 months to create their own unique strategic plan, learn skills to implement that plan and take action to make it happen.
You meet as a team for a full-day once a month; join a mid-month group coaching call and participate in a private Facebook Peer Group. Additionally, you have quarterly one-on-one coaching calls with your business expert to address your individual challenges.t.

Each session includes:

  • Learning new skills
  • Expert speakers
  • Break-aways to work though individual business issues
  • Facilitated guidance from Judi Hughes
  • Catered lunch
  • Workbook materials

The experience is greatly strengthened by the power that comes through the synergy of the group dynamic.

Facilitated Group Program

Comprehensive learning and coaching


Free access and participation in the Business Builders Membership Program™. Plus a signed copy of the Balanced Business Wheel.

 “I can feel a transformation happening:  a transition from striving artisan to successful business woman.  I largely have the Business Builders Group to thank for this.  The goals I have set, as well as the support from a group setting are helping me achieve the life I want to live, while staying true to my vision.”  

 Lara Bazant, Bazant Unique Adornments

There is only one Business Builders Group Program™ per year.


Call Judi @ 416 429 –2415 ext. 102 OR email