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Six Tips to Implement Your Plans

Published: January 20th, 2017; By: Judi Hughes

It’s the beginning of a New Year and as a good business owner you have set your goals for the year ahead. I’m sure […]

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Give Yourself The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Published: December 16th, 2016; By: Judi Hughes

It isn’t too late! This year give yourself and your business the gift that keeps on giving. You only need three separate one-hour blocks […]

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Giving Something Away for Free Can Bring You Clients

Published: July 27th, 2016; By: Judi Hughes

The concept of sampling as an effective marketing strategy has been around for a very long time.

In 1913, Frank O’Connor opened a Toronto-based candy […]

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Review Your Business Plan Now for Year-End Success

Published: July 13th, 2016; by Judi Hughes

If your strategic plan maps out how you will achieve your business goals, then taking time to review that plan is a must to keeping […]

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Navigate the Economy – 7 Actions to Take Now!

Published: March 23rd, 2016; by Judi Hughes

A slower economy can be a great time to grow your business

As a business owner, talk of a slowing economy might set off alarm […]

Look Into Your Past to Plan for Your Future

Published: December 2nd, 2015; by Judi Hughes

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark”, wrote Richard Cushing.

As we approach a new year it is traditionally the time to […]

Are You Growing Your Business? Or Do You Have a Job?

Published: November 3rd, 2015; by Judi Hughes
Do you have a business owner’s mindset?
When you prepare for a day’s work, do you see yourself as someone who is building a […]

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Technology – Friend or Foe?

Published: October 7th, 2015; by Nick Hughes

Advances in technology have been very beneficial for small businesses. Not only has it lowered the cost of entry for many industries but it […]

Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Map

Published: September 23rd, 2015; by Judi Hughes

It’s been said that it takes between 7 to 12 “touches” to turn a qualified prospect into a paying client. That concept can seem […]

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Networking ~ Build your Business by Building Relationships

Published: April 8th, 2015; By: Judi Hughes

No one marketing initiative should be a stand-alone activity. One marketing activity must always have a call-to-action towards another initiative so you are providing […]

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