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Growth in Sales Can Be Harmful!

“Everyone knows that too few sales are fatal. But very few owner-managers understand that too many sales, made too fast, can kill a small business. Managing the growth in sales […]

Your Fortune is in the Follow-up

Build Your Business By Building Relationships!

You go to a networking event.  You do all of the right things. You “get”more cards than you “give”.  You rush back to your office […]

How To Make Plans Work

As the previous blogs point out, a good plan is:

The key to business success
Easy to do

What is difficult is actually using the plan on a consistent basis to move your […]

Plan for Success

If you want your business to be successful then you need to plan for it. Planning the future of your business is the most important responsibility you have. As described […]

Why Bother Planning?

There are many reasons why business owners should not waste time creating plans:

Things change so rapidly plans become obsolete before they are finished
Far too busy to take time out to […]

Power of Purpose

Do you know the purpose of your business? Do you clearly understand why you started your business? Have you communicated this purpose to all those who work with you? Have […]

The Power of Focus

One of the common attributes of successful people, whether they are athletes, entertainers, or business leaders, is their ability to focus. They are able to concentrate all of their attention […]

The Power of Small Business

“The central element of a vibrant economy may be described in a short sentence: a business owner hires a worker.”

These are the words Daniel Henninger wrote in a recent Wall […]

The Power of Why

Why is why so powerful?
Because it enables you to get to the root of a problem, rather that applying superficial band-aid solutions that solve nothing.

Rather than accepting the first reason […]

The Power of Processes

Why are processes so powerful?

Because they are the engines of your business; they make sure everything happens when and how it should.

Yet they have a bad […]

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