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Pricing Your Products for Profit

Pricing your products for profit is a mix of science, experience, knowledge and guesswork.

The science part is the formula. There are 4 components in the pricing model formula: materials, people’s […]

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Networking ~ Build your Business by Building Relationships

Published: April 8th, 2015; By: Judi Hughes

No one marketing initiative should be a stand-alone activity. One marketing activity must always have a call-to-action towards another initiative so you are providing […]

Focus on Your Critical Success Indicators

Is there an easy way to manage your business? No!

There is no easy way but there is an effective way and that is to manage your Critical Success Indicators (CSI’s). […]

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Management Information Puts You in Charge

One of the challenges faced by us business owners is being objective about our own business! We are too close to it. It is our child and so it can […]

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Is Your Business Actually Making Any Money?

Are your products or services profitable?

Or, do you assume that you’re making sales so you must be making money?

To successfully grow your business, you need to understand the financial health of […]

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Plan for Growth

Published: January 9th, 2015; By: Judi Hughes

Many business owners plan to grow; few plan for growth!

By this I mean business owners plan to increase revenue through increased sales and increasing […]

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Creating the Plan

The previous blog was all about how to prepare to plan. A plan after all is only as good as the preparation you put into it. Now the preparation is […]

Preparing to Plan

Published: November 27th, 2014; By: Judi Hughes

Planning is not a quick fix; it is the first step in a journey. So like anything in life the quality of the output […]

Profit is Not a Dirty Word

Profit is not a dirty word despite the fact the some people believe it is the result of unethical businesses gouging their customers. Or greedy business owners amassing fortunes for […]

Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Your Team

Building your team does have challenges but it also has huge rewards. You will be energized by your team’s successes. Your team will allow you to focus on those things […]

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