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Take the Guess Work Out of Planning

Published: November 30th, 2017; By: Judi Hughes

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark”, wrote Richard Cushing.

As we approach a new year it is traditionally the time to […]

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The Missing Ingredient for Business Success

Published: October 20th, 2017; By: Judi Hughes

There is one factor that business owners seldom consider as part of the success of their business growth … successful implementation of projects is […]

The Experts Are Wrong; Time Management Does Not Work

Time Management doesn’t work because we can’t manage time. Time moves forward on its own with no help from us, completely ignoring our efforts to slow it down. There are […]

How Do Projects Fall Behind Schedule?

“How do projects fall behind schedule?”Answer: “One day at a time”. Projects must be managed closely at all times, every day. When things change (and they will) act immediately; don’t […]

Missing Ingredient for Business Success

What is the single most important ingredient for business success?

Having enough clients?
Building a great team?
Profitable products and services?
Using technology?

Actually there isn’t a single ingredient; all of the above are essential […]

Don’t Try and Do Everything

Accept the fact that you will never get everything done!

When I tell this to business owners there is a momentary sense of relief followed by an overwhelming concern. “But how […]

Growing Towards Your Goal

What makes some people successful over others?
Why do some people persevere in the face of obstacles and others are paralyzed at the first sign of a challenge?
Why do some people […]

Best Practices in Time Management

Not only does time spent planning increase your productivity and save you money but it’s estimated that each minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution, according to Brian […]

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Power of Information

Why is information so powerful? 

Because it is the life blood of managing a business. Without information we have no idea what is going on.

Without information we don’t know if we […]

Processes are the Engines of Your Business ‘ So Document Them

Processes have a bad rap. They are seen by many as the administrative overhead that suck the life out of large organizations. But the reality is without processes nothing will […]

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