Are you stuck on the Fragmented Focus Treadmill? You know the feeling; running and running ever faster and getting absolutely nowhere. No real purpose other than keeping up with the relentless movement of the treadmill’s belt. No focus beyond staying upright on the treadmill.

The Fragmented Focus Treadmill is harmful to your health and to the health of your business. It causes great stress without any reward and it stops business growth in its tracks.If you have one or more of the following symptoms you are stuck on the treadmill:

  • Tired, overwhelmed and concerned about the future
  • Reacting to situations rather than being proactive
  • Working on urgent things to the detriment of important things
  • Working harder and harder but achieving nothing of importance
  • No personal life outside of the business
  • No clear vision of the future
  • And to make it even worse you have lost your passion for the business

The first step to get off the treadmill is to develop a plan to map out the future of your business. This is not the back of the envelope that has scribbles on it about the revenue you want to generate. It is a carefully thought out strategic plan with a clear picture of the future (3 Year Objectives), the 1 Year Goals to take you toward your three year destination and the strategies and actions necessary to achieve the goals. The criteria for an effective plan are:

  • It’s measurable and realistic
  • It’s documented
  • Your entire team knows it
  • It is used on a daily basis; not locked away in a bottom draw
  • It is flexible because we expect the unexpected

The Fragmented Focus Treadmill is one of the barriers to business success. Once your plan is done and you have tentatively stepped off the treadmill you must now stay off. Next time we will cover some tools you can use to stay focused and therefore stay off the Fragmented Focus Treadmill.