Business Owners Toolbox #2 (5 Business Tools)


More of our favourite tools to help Business Owners manage and grow their business.

Tools you can implement immediately and learn how to pay yourself enough, overcome procrastination, harness the power of processes, use models to manage your growth and how to profitably price your products and services.


Here’s what is in the Business Owners Toolbox #2

  1. Are You Paying Yourself Enough? The amount you pay yourself is comprised of the value of your work and the amount you require. Work with this tool to figure out how much your company NEEDS to pay you.
  2. Procrastination – the Art of Avoidance: What impact is it having on your business? Learn how to overcome it and set an action plan to move forward.
  3. The Power of Processes: We all need them but where to begin? Use this tool to identify where you need processes, where to start and how to make them happen.
  4. Models to Manage Your Growth: Five easily remembered management models to provide direction and help you focus on your business growth.
  5. Product Pricing Strategies: Introduces 9 specific pricing strategies to help you select what will work best for your profitable business.