Stop Doing What You Shouldn’t Be Doing….Delegate! (Workbook & Video Guide)


It is a fact that to grow your business, you must delegate.  Yet, many Business Owners are resistant to delegation.  Delegation is a learned skill and one of the biggest challenges for business owners. This workbook and video provide you with a step by step process to help successfully delegate some of your work to others who can do the work better and faster than you, leaving you to do the work that will grow your business.


You’re busy; you have no time to focus on growing your business; you are too busy to even consider delegating work to someone else. Not true!

You can learn to delegate, and you will love it!

Follow the step by step process in this workbook and you will be able to happily and successfully delegate some of your work to others. We’ve broken the process into 5 parts:

  1. Why delegate and why is it so hard?
  2. Calculating your worth to your company and what that means.
  3. Identify what you do now and what isn’t getting done.
  4. Figuring out what you should and could delegate.
  5. The 7 Steps to Successful Delegation™.

We know from experience that if you follow the process outlined in this workbook you will delegate successfully.