The Three Pillars of Financial Management (Workbook)


To grow a strong and sustainable business, you must manage your company’s money. Many business owners find this difficult because they don’t understand their financial reports. This workbook explains the reports, helps you understand them and allows you to make decisions based on the information.


One common hurdle for business owners is not understanding and therefore not using their company’s financial information to make wise decisions.

This workbook helps you overcome that hurdle. The content is focused on what business owners need to understand to successfully manage their company’s finances.

You will not become an accountant or CFO (Chief Finance Officer) because that is not necessary. You will be able to look to your numbers to tell the story of what is happening in your business.

We’ve organized this workbook into four chapters:

  1. Three Pillars of Financial Management – what they are.
  2. Pillar #1 – Profit and Loss Statement
  3. Pillar #2 – Balance Sheet
  4. Pillar #3 – Cash Flow Projection

We explain the purpose of each report, give a number of examples with detailed explanations and then, most important of all, show you how to use the information to manage your business.

Managing your company’s financials is how you keep score on the progress and success of your business. Are you winning or losing? Is it time to find out?