Published: January 20th, 2017; By: Judi Hughes

It’s the beginning of a New Year and as a good business owner you have set your goals for the year ahead. I’m sure you are very enthusiastic and excited about those goals; as well you should be. However, it is only too common for that euphoria to wear away as you get back into the day-to-day of running your business.

We’ve come to learn that creating your plan is actually the easy part of the process. Successfully executing your plan is where things start to fall down. It’s not because you don’t have all the best intentions; it’s because things just take over. You already have a full time job managing your business, building your client base and servicing clients. Your growth plan creates even more work for you to do in your already full 24 hour day!

Add to the equation the ongoing conflict between “Money Now” and “Money Later”. Your plans are all about growth and “Money Later”.  As important as your plans are, you must continue to take care of today’s business needs and “Money Now”. Remember, no matter how busy you are, it is absolutely critical to implement some of those “Money Later” initiatives or you cannot grow your business.

The implementation of your plans is where your rewards will come. Here are six of our favourite tips to help bring your plans to life:

1. Write it down: 

Don’t carry your plans in your head. Countless studies have shown that a documented plan is much more likely to bring success than an undocumented plan.  Then, don’t put it on a shelf somewhere; out of site and out of mind. Put them somewhere predominant.

2. Know when to start projects:

Every growth plan includes projects; for example, implement a new website, hire an assistant, develop a new product. Each project always has a completion date.  But when do you need to start that project? The most important date to identify is the START DATE.  Work backward from completion date and schedule the time to do the work or it isn’t going to happen.

3. Make your actions in line with your intentions:

Create a 90 Day & 30 Day Focus™: In order to achieve your goals you need to take action to get there. Your plan is for the year and that is a long time.  Break your goals into smaller more manageable chunks by identifying what you need to focus on in the next 90 Days specific to your Goals. Then break it down even further to what needs to happen in the next 30 days. Beginning with your goals and working to the 30 day level ensures your actions are in line with your intentions. We’d be happy to share our template.  Simply email .

4. Plans fall behind one day at a time:

Put key dates including start dates and milestone dates in your calendar.  Pay attention to them.  Don’t disregard them.  Don’t let key dates slip without assessing what the impact will be on your plans so you can set corrective action and adjust accordingly.

5. Be accountable:

Find someone to keep you accountable to your plans. If you have partners, agree that accountability is the responsibility of each partner. If you don’t, consider hiring a coach. Share your plans with those who are important to you; family and/or friends.  Here’s an article on Business Accountability Teams.

6. Attitude is everything:

Believing in your plans will go a long way to achieving them.  It starts with a realistic plan, continues with taking action and is reinforced by acknowledging the things you have achieved rather than the things not yet done.


Remember … Hope is not a strategy!

The success you want for your business comes from having clarity on where you are going, planning the actions you need to take to get there and staying focused on making it happen.

Want help developing your plan? Download our Plan for Success Handbook