Ask yourself; Are you creating a job or are you building a business?

The Strategic Focus ProgramTM helps established small business owners who have hit a ceiling in the growth of their business. Created from over 25 years of hands on business experience, The Strategic Focus ProgramTM is a multi-session, one-on-one process that helps you focus on key opportunities, achieve your goals and grow your business. We know growth is a journey and not a quick fix. Working through the Strategic Focus ProgramTM ensures you are not on that journey alone. You always have experts on your team to help you confidently plan and manage your company’s growth. Together, we create a strategic action plan that focuses on achieving your next level of success and then we support you in implementing that plan.
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  • Assess your current situation and create a powerful Vision for your future
  • Uncover what you’re doing well and what is holding you back
  • Work through your opportunities with experts and set direction to make it happen
  • Identify what changes you need to make and learn how to implement those changes
  • Define what you need to do to achieve the success you want for yourself and your business

  • Develop your step-by-step action plan to build your team and grow your capabilities
  • Set achievable goals, strong strategy and measurable deliverables based on your clear Vision
  • Identify what to focus on and get the support you need to stay focused
  • Use regular reviews with Your Planning Partners to manage your plan and keep you focused on the important rather than urgent things
  • Use valuable tools to help prioritize and manage for your future and not only for the day-to-day

  • Learn the skills required to implement the change you need for growth
  • Incorporate core processes into the management of your business and benefit immediately
  • Be prepared to take advantage and respond to opportunities; don’t just “wing it”
  • Invest regular and focused time in the growth of your business
  • Build, align and engage your team to help you achieve your goals

Take the first step toward a well planned future

Your business success begins with absolute clarity about where you are now and where it is you want to go. Find out if you would benefit from a free, half-day Strategic Focus Vision Session TM.


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