7 Steps to Successful Recruitment YPP

You cannot build a business without a team. Not just any team, the right team. Recruiting the right people onto your team is difficult. So we’ve taken the recruitment process and broken it down into seven steps. Follow these and your chances of success are greatly enhanced.

How to Create a Powerful Mission Statement 

A company’s mission statement describes in very broad terms “why” the company was formed. It tells what the company does, who it serves and what sets it apart from the competition. Find the secrets to developing a good Mission Statement.

Measure the Health of Your Business

Find out how to measure the health of your business

ABC’s of the Business Owner Responsibilities

Business owners are being constantly pulled in all directions because they have multiple responsibilities. We call it the Fragmented Focus Treadmill™.

Business Structures

There are two legal business structures available in Ontario.  Learn which one is best for you.

Client Service Agreements

Ten items that should be in your Client Service Agreement.

Moose on the Table

The story of the issue that everyone knows about but no one wants to talk about or deal with.

Networking Guidelines

How to build your business by building relationships.

Partnership Agreement Checklist

Do your due diligence before signing the partnership agreement.

Planning & Management Models

Easy-to-remember models to help manage your business growth.

Project Guidelines

Incorporating new initiatives into your business involves implementing projects. Here are some guidelines for successful project implementation.

Risk Assessment

How to minimize and manage risk.


Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, embrace your opportunities and be aware of your threats.