Published: January 3rd, 2019; By: Judi Hughes

The first weeks of a new year are always the time when people make plans, set goals and make New Year’s resolutions.

The planning and goal setting is the easy part. It’s the implementation and focus that’s more difficult. That’s where it gets tough.

A few years ago I discovered a trend that helps me stay focused as I move further and further into the year. I shared it with clients and it’s worked for them too. It’s the “One Word” movement.

In case you don’t know about it … you choose one word to define and guide your focus for the year ahead. If this concept is new to you, simply google “choosing one word”. You will find tons of websites, social media posts and books you can refer to for guidance and inspiration.

My word last year was ‘finish’! I didn’t get everything done but I did complete lots of projects. The best part was it stopped me from starting new things that I knew were never going to get finished.

This year my one word for 2019 …. Courage!

Courage to try new things and take more risks. Courage  to say “no” when I know I should and “yes” when I’m out of my comfort zone. Courage to believe in others and trust they can do some things better than me. Courage to go with my instincts and believe in myself to make things happen.

I am excited about the year ahead. I know there will be a multitude of wonderful opportunities and I will have tons of fun if I have the courage to go for it.

Do you have “one word”? What one word could guide your focus for the year ahead?  It’s a fun way to shape the New Year.  Give it a try.

Wishing you the very best for a year filled with wonderful opportunities and great joy.