Published: September 23rd, 2015; by Judi Hughes

It’s been said that it takes between 7 to 12 “touches” to turn a qualified prospect into a paying client. That concept can seem overwhelming, especially if you are the one responsible for managing all your marketing touch-points.  However, successfully promoting your business is more manageable than you think.  The Strategic Focus Marketing Map™ enables you use the rights tools to reach your Ideal Client.  Approach the map with this in mind and you are well on your way to growing your client base.

The Strategic Focus Marketing Map

Developing a Strategic Focus Marketing Map™ will not only help you to identify what tools you currently use, you will be able to clearly see where they connect, where they don’t and where they should.  These tools can range from traditional advertising platforms like print ads to online content such as blog posts, webinars and social media connections.

You certainly don’t need to use all the marketing options out there, but there are key must-haves that you need to promote your business, add value and turn potential clients into paying customers.

These include a website, networking opportunities, as well as ways to connect with and provide a free-value item to qualified prospects.

Who are your Qualified Prospects?

Your Strategic Focus Marketing Map™ is only effective if you know who your Ideal Client is and how to reach them.  Is your Ideal Client on social media? Are there groups or associations that your Ideal Client participates in? What about industry events? Knowing who they are and how to connect with them will allow you to focus on the tools that, when working together, will bring them to you.  Remember, not everyone is your Ideal Client.

Connecting the dots to build your Marketing Map

No matter what marketing platforms you use, they are useless without an audience to reach. This is how your marketing map can make all the difference. Knowing your audience and how to connect with them will influence the marketing tools you select. And, having a well-organized mailing list is a key strategy for keeping in touch. However, every tool you have – business cards, blogs, email signature – should redirect clients and qualified prospects to other tools that also promote your business. For example, your blog or newsletter tells clients about an upcoming event or speaking engagement. By attending the event, they receive a copy of a recent White Paper (free-value item) on a relevant topic. At this event, there is also a call to action to meet with them one-on-one where you can learn more about their business needs. This is one example of how a Strategic Focus Marketing Map™ works to bring qualified prospects to you.

Show your value

Offering value is one of the most important goals of your marketing map. For example, your website provides information and access to your services, but from a marketing perspective, this is not enough.  You need to consistently make it easy for your audience to come into your community. Why should they work with you? What makes you different? What free value-add can you provide that sets you apart in your industry? Recently, blogs have been used to provide value-added content, but other tactics, like newsletters, webinars, or free downloadable products, are also useful – as long as they illustrate to your qualified prospect the value you provide.  Giving away something for free can bring you clients.

Call to Action

You are committed to your blog posts. You consistently send out newsletters and event invitations. You’ve even met many of your potential clients at industry functions. These initiatives are great but without a call to action your plan will stall. You need to ask for the business or offer something that moves your relationship along. What is the next thing you want your qualified prospect to do? What do they need from you and what can you do for them? Be sure that every marketing tool you have offers your audience a next-step in your relationship.

Building and using your marketing map is a key strategy. By using a call to action and connecting your marketing tools, you take qualified prospects along the journey of what your business offers. It draws interest, provides value, gives you credibility and creates the opportunity to on-board a new client.

For more in-depth information about leveraging your marketing tools and building your Strategic Focus Marketing Map™,  invest 45 minutes and watch this video on leveraging online and offline networking.

Your Next Steps

  • List all the marketing tools you have.
  • Create your marketing map by putting each tool inside an individual circle.
  • Consider what call to action you could have to connect the circles to each other.
  • Draw a line and arrow to indicate how using one tool can to lead a prospect to another.
  • This is a rough draft of your marketing map.

Want to learn more? Ask us about how our Strategic Focus Marketing Map™ can help lead your qualified prospects to you.   We can help you make those important connections that will grow your business.  Be in touch.